Women choose different methods of birth control for different stages in their life. The various methods affect individual women differently. No one method is best for everyone.

The purpose of birth control is to allow a woman to prevent pregnancy, to determine the number and spacing of births, including the option of no pregnancies. Listed below are the various birth control methods available at Feminist Women's Health Center.  Speak with one of our caring and informed health educators during your appointment to determine what is best for you.

Hormonal Methods

(Adds hormones to a woman’s body to alter her menstrual cycle and reproductive organs.)

Long-term Methods
(Contraception for 3-10 years.)
Barrier Methods

(Placing a short-term physical or chemical wall between egg and sperm.)

Knowledge-Based Methods

(The use of knowledge, awareness, and information to guide decisions about sexual activity.)

Permanent Methods

(Physically altering reproductive organs, permanently.)